Application Research Group

Protocol Labs build protocols, tools, and services to radically improve the Internet. The Application Research Group (ARG) is a team that aims to bolster the mission by focusing on shipping tools that provide daily utility on the Internet.

The ARG's work has the potential to serve a lot of people. Over four billion people are active internet users as of 2020, and that value is over fifty five percent of the global population. Our civilization reached this point by creating an Internet with no single centralized governance by either technological implementation or government policy. We believe that in order to continue an open global Internet, we must ship more well designed software and utilize protocols that preserve what everyone cherishes.

Our group gets to use libraries and modules from Protocol Labs, which have honored the tradition of searching for optimal Web3 infrastructure. We are excited for the opportunity to continue to battle test Filecoin, IPFS, LIBP2P, IPLD, and other contributions by the many forward thinking engineers and software designers who work here. Quality technology deserves an audience.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve!

— ARG Team


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Why Principal
Davis Momii
Marshall Culpepper Lead
Elijah Seed Arita
Peter Rabbitson
Brenda Lee
Chris Waring
Adrian Lanzafame

𓃵 Collaborate

Are you interested in collaborating? Jump into any of the project links and take a look at what we are working on and write to us using Github issues. We love experimenting with new concepts and libraries.

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